The HCD Global Alliance - Together Advancing HCD

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HCD Resources

Information and resources can improve and strengthen holistic child development.

Having access to the right information and resources is a vital part in empowering people working in the front-line or research field in holistic child development.

Holistic Child Development (HCD) courses and curricula are being developed in many seminaries and theological institutions around the world. Also, a wide range of HCD research is being undertaken by faculty and students on a variety of topics. A number of sample course descriptions, sample HCD programs and administrative structures and other resources are available to help seminaries design HCD courses and programs to share research and research ideas, and to assist in the development of the administrative structures to carry out HCD programs at all levels.

The HCD Global Alliance supports surveys, studies, and the development of research materials to improve and strengthen instruction in holistic child development. A number of research papers have already been written in this area, and we offer a variety of them here, including cultural, theological and analytical papers that discuss advocacy’s children’s rights, biblical perspectives on children and childhood and children’s participation.

As interest increases in the area of holistic child development, more and more researchers are looking into the theology, theories and principles that distinguish the approach from other ones. The HCD Global Alliance supports this effort, by offering books and publications that can be downloaded in PDF format.

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